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The International Jewish Cook Book

The International Jewish Cook Book

1600 Recipes According to the Jewish Dietary Laws with the Rules for Kashering; The Favorite Recipes of America, Austria, Germany, Russia, France, Poland, Roumania, Etc., Etc.

Author: Florence Kreisler Greenbaum

A Project Gutenberg eBook






Use only the best material in making cake.


Gather together all ingredients and utensils that are required. If tins

are to be greased, do so the first thing; some cakes require greased or

buttered paper, if so, have paper cut the size that is needed and butter

the paper.


All measurements are level. See "Measurement of Food Materials".


Use pastry flour. Sift flour twice at least and measure after sifting.


Measure or weigh the sugar, butter, milk and flour. In measuring butter

always pack the cup so as to be sure to get the proper quantity. Use the

half-pint measuring cup.


If fruit is to be used, wash and dry it the day before it is needed.

Dust with flour just before using, and mix with the hand till each piece

is powdered so that all will mix evenly with the dough instead of

sinking to the bottom.


A few necessary implements for good cake making are a pair of scales, a

wooden spoon, two wire egg-whips, one for the yolks and the other for

the whites of eggs.


A ten-inch mixing-bowl, and two smaller bowls.


Two spatula or leveling knives.


A set of aluminum spoons of standard sizes.


For convenience, cakes are divided into two classes: Those containing

butter or a butter substitute and cake containing no shortening.


The rules for mixing cakes with butter are:


Break the eggs, dropping each in a saucer or cup. If the whites and

yolks are to be used separately divide them as you break the eggs and

beat both well before using; the yolks until light and the whites to a

stiff froth, so stiff that you can turn the dish upside down and the

eggs will adhere to the dish.


Rub the butter to a cream which should be done with a wooden spoon in a

deep bowl, add the sugar gradually. In winter set the bowl over hot

water for a few minutes as the butter will then cream more easily. Add

the yolks or the whole eggs, one at a time, to creamed butter and sugar.

Sift the baking-powder with the last cup of flour, add flour and milk

alternately until both are beaten thoroughly into the mixture, add

beaten whites of eggs last to the dough and then set in the oven



Sponge cakes and cakes that do not contain butter and milk must never be

stirred, but the ingredients beaten in, being careful to beat with an

upward stroke. Separate the yolks of the eggs from the whites, and beat

the yolks with an egg-beater until they are thick and lemon-colored.

Then add the sugar, a little at a time, beating constantly. Now beat the

whites until they are stiff and dry; add them; the flour should be added

last and folded lightly through. Every stroke of the spoon after flour

is added tends to toughen the batter. Bake at once. All sponge cakes and

torten should be baked in ungreased molds.





Make sure the oven is in condition, it can better wait for the cake than

the other way around.


Light your gas oven five or ten minutes before needed and reduce heat

accordingly when cake is put in oven.


For the coal range, have the oven the right temperature and do not add

coal or shake the coals while cake is baking.


If a piece of soft yellow paper burns golden brown in five minutes the

oven is moderately hot; if it takes four minutes the oven is hot, if

seven minutes is required the oven is fit for slow baking.


Sponge cakes require a slow oven; layer cakes a hot oven, and loaf cakes

with butter a moderate oven.


Never look after your cake until it has been in the oven ten minutes.


If cake is put in too cool an oven it will rise too much and be of very

coarse texture. If too hot, it browns and crusts over the top before it

has sufficiently risen. If, after the cake is put in, it seems to bake

too fast, put a brown paper loosely over the top of the pan, and do not

open the oven door for five minutes at least; the cake should then be

quickly examined and the door carefully shut, or the rush of cold air

will cause it to fall. Setting a small dish of hot water in the oven

will also prevent the cake from scorching.


When you think your cake is baked, open the oven door carefully so as

not to jar, take a straw and run it through the thickest part of the

cake, and if the straw comes out perfectly clean and dry your cake is

done. When done, take it out and set it where no draft of air will

strike it, and in ten minutes turn it out on a flat plate or board.


Do not put it in the cake box until perfectly cold. Scald out the tin

cake box each time before putting a fresh cake in it. Make sure it is

air-tight. Keep in a cool place, but not in a damp cellar or a






Sponge cake, three-quarters of an hour.

Pound cake, one hour.

Fruit cake, three and four hours, depending upon size.

Cookies, from ten to fifteen minutes. Watch carefully.

Cup cakes, a full half hour.

Layer cakes, twenty minutes.





Cream one-fourth cup of butter with one-half cup of sugar, add sugar

gradually, and one egg, well-beaten. Mix and sift one and one-half cups

of flour and two and one-half teaspoons of baking-powder, add the sifted

flour alternately with one-half cup of milk to the first mixture; flavor

with vanilla or lemon. Bake thirty minutes in a shallow pan. Spread with

chocolate frosting.





Beat one-fourth cup of butter to a cream with one-fourth cup of sugar

and add one cup of flour. Stir well and then add one egg which has been

beaten into half a pint of milk, a little at a time. Fill buttered

saucers with the mixture, bake and when done, place the cakes one on top

of another with jam spread between.





Cream four tablespoons of butter with one and one-half cups of sugar,

beat in separately two whole eggs, add one cup of milk alternately with

two cups of flour in which has been sifted two teaspoons of

baking-powder, beat all thoroughly.


This recipe will make two layer-cakes which may be spread with any of

the cake fillings or icings.


To make small cakes omit one of the egg-whites, fill well-buttered gem

pans a little more than half full, and bake in a moderately hot oven

until a delicate brown. The white reserved may be beaten to a stiff

froth and then gradually stir in four tablespoons of powdered sugar and

the juice of half a lemon. When the cakes are cool, spread with the

icing and decorate with raisins, nut meats, one on top of each or

sprinkle with candied caraway seeds.





Cream one cup of butter with two cups of sugar and add gradually the

yolks of four eggs, one at a time. Sift three cups of flour, measure

again after sifting, and add two teaspoons of baking-powder in the last

sifting. Add alternately the sifted flour and one cup of sweet milk. Add

last the beaten whites of the eggs. Flavor to taste. Bake in loaf or






Take one cup of powdered sugar, one-half cup of butter rubbed to a

cream; add yolks of six eggs and stir until very light. Then sift two

cups of flour with one and one-half teaspoons of baking-powder sifted in

well (sift the flour two or three times). Grate in the peel of a lemon

or an orange, add the juice also, and add three-quarters cup of milk

alternately with the flour. Bake in moderate oven.





Cream three-quarters cup of butter and one and one-quarter cups of sugar

very well. Stop stirring, pour one-half cup of cold water on top of

butter mixture and whites of eight eggs slightly beaten on top of water;

do not stir, add one teaspoon of vanilla. Sift two and one-half cups of

pastry flour, measure, then mix with two heaping teaspoons of

baking-powder, and sift three times. Add to cake mixture and then beat

hard until very smooth. Turn into ungreased angel cake pan, place in

slow oven. Let cake rise to top of pan, then increase heat and bake

until firm. Invert pan, when cool cut out.





Take two cups of sugar, one cup of butter, four eggs (yolks), one cup of

milk, three cups of flour, and three teaspoons of baking-powder (scant).

Cream the butter and sugar, and add the yolks of eggs. Then add the

milk, flour, baking-powder, and the beaten whites of the eggs; flavor

with lemon. To make the brown part; take a square of bitter chocolate

and melt above steam, and mix with some of the white; flavor the brown

with vanilla. Put first a tablespoon of brown batter in the pan, and

then the white. Bake in quick oven thirty-five minutes.





Rub to a cream one-half cup of butter with one and one-half cups of

pulverized sugar and add gradually the yolks of three eggs, one at a

time, and one-half cup of sweet milk. Sift two cups of flour with one

teaspoon of baking-powder, add alternately with the milk and the

stiffly-beaten whites of three eggs. Add the grated peel of one-half

lemon and the juice of one lemon. Bake in moderate oven thirty minutes.





Beat light the yolks of five eggs with two cups of pulverized sugar, add

juice of a large orange and part of the peel grated; one-half a cup of

cold water and two cups of flour, sifted three times. Add two teaspoons

of baking-powder in last sifting and add last the stiff-beaten whites of

three eggs. Bake in layers, and spread the following icing between and

on top. Icing: beat the whites of two eggs stiff, add the juice and peel

of one orange and sugar enough to stiffen.





Cream two-thirds cup of butter with two cups of granulated sugar; add

one-half cup of milk, yolks of four eggs, one cup of hot mashed

potatoes, one cup of chocolate, one teaspoon each of cinnamon, cloves,

and nutmeg, one teaspoon of vanilla, one cup of chopped walnuts, two

cups of flour, two teaspoons of baking-powder, then beaten whites of

four eggs. Bake slowly in two pans, and cut in half when cold. Put jam

between layers.





Rub one pound of butter and one pound of powdered sugar to a cream, add

the grated peel of a lemon, a glass of brandy and the yolks of nine

eggs, added one at a time, and last one pound and a quarter of sifted

flour with one-half teaspoon of baking-powder and the beaten whites of

the eggs. Bake slowly.





Beat two whole eggs for ten minutes with two cups of sugar, two and

one-half tablespoons of melted butter, add one cup of milk, three cups

of flour in which have been sifted two teaspoons of baking-powder,

flavor with one teaspoon of vanilla; one-fourth cup of small raisins may

be added. Bake one hour.





Cream one-half cup of butter with one cup of sugar, add three eggs, one

and one-half cups of flour, two teaspoons of baking-powder, mixed with

the flour, and one-half cup of milk. Mix well together; bake in a long

bread or cake pan, and have on top chopped almonds, sugar and cinnamon.





Cream three-fourths cup of sugar with a piece of butter the size of an

egg, beat together; then add two eggs, one-half cup of milk (scant), one

and one-half cups of flour, one teaspoon of vanilla and two teaspoons of

baking-powder. Put cinnamon, flour, sugar and a few drops of water

together and form in little pfaervel with your hand and sprinkle on top

of cake; also sprinkle a few chopped nuts on top. Do not bake too

quickly. Bake in flat pan.





Take three cups of flour sifted, one teaspoon of salt, three tablespoons

of sugar, three teaspoons of baking-powder, two eggs, two tablespoons of

butter, and two-thirds of a cup of milk. Stir well together, adding more

milk if necessary. Keep batter very stiff, sprinkle with melted butter

(generously) sugar and cinnamon, and again with melted butter. Put into

well-buttered shallow pans and bake about half an hour.





Cream one cup of sugar with butter the size of an egg, add two eggs well

beaten and one cup of water alternately with two and one-half cups of

flour in which has been sifted two teaspoons of baking-powder.


*Filling.*--Beat two eggs with one-half cup of sugar, add one-half pound

of pot cheese, one tablespoon of cornstarch boiled in one cup of milk,

cool this and add, flavor with lemon extract.


Put one-half of the batter in cake pan, then the filling and the other

half of batter. Bake in slow oven thirty-five minutes. Sift sugar on top

when done.





Take one cup of powdered sugar, one-half cup of butter, one cup of

pastry flour, one-quarter of a teaspoon of baking-powder, peel and juice

of one lemon, five or six eggs. Beat sugar with two whole eggs; add

butter, beat until foamy; after that the flour mixed with baking-powder,

lemon and four yolks. Last the stiffly-beaten whites of the eggs. Mix

this well, bake in form in a moderately hot oven.





Cream one-quarter cup of butter with one cup of sugar, yolks of six

eggs, one-quarter pound of raisins, one-quarter pound of currants, juice

and peel of one lemon, one spoon of rum, twenty blanched and grated

almonds, two cups of flour mixed with one-half teaspoon of

baking-powder, two stiffly-beaten whites of eggs. Bake in an ungreased

form one to one and one-half hours.





Take one-half cup of butter, three eggs, one and one-half cups of sugar,

two and one-half cups of flour, two and one-half level teaspoons of

baking-powder, and one-half cup of milk. One cup of any kind of nuts.

Rub the butter and sugar to a light white cream; add the eggs beaten a

little; then the flour sifted with the powder. Mix with the milk and

nuts into a rather firm batter. Bake in a paper lined tin in a steady

oven thirty-five minutes.





Rub one cup of butter and two cups of sugar to a cream. Add one cup of

milk, whites of four eggs, three cups of flour (measure after sifting),

and three teaspoons of baking-powder added in last sifting. Add a grated

cocoanut and last the stiffly-beaten whites. Bake in a loaf. Line tin

with buttered paper.





Take one pound of butter and one pound of sugar rubbed to a cream, yolks

of twelve eggs, one tablespoon of cinnamon, one teaspoon of allspice,

one-half teaspoon of mace, one-half teaspoon of cloves, one-fourth of a

pound of almonds pounded, two pounds of raisins (seeded and chopped),

three pounds of currants (carefully cleaned), one pound of citron

(shredded very fine), and one-quarter of a pound of orange peel (chopped

very fine). Soak all this prepared fruit in one pint of brandy

overnight. Add all to the dough and put in the stiffly-beaten whites

last. Bake in a very slow oven for several hours, in cake pans lined

with buttered paper. When cold wrap in cloths dipped in brandy and put

in earthen jars. If baked in gas oven have light very low. Keep oven the

same temperature for four or five hours.





This apple sauce cake will be found as delicious and tasty as the rich

fruit cake, which is so difficult to prepare, and it is very much less



In a big mixing bowl, beat to a creamy consistency four tablespoons of

butter, one egg and one cup of sugar. Add a saltspoon of salt, one

teaspoon of allspice, one teaspoon of vanilla and a little grated

nutmeg. Beat and stir all these ingredients well together with the other

mixture, then add one cup of chopped raisins, after dusting them with

flour. Mix these well through the dough and then add one cup of

unsweetened apple sauce which has been pressed through a fine wire

sieve. After this is well mixed with the other ingredients, stir in one

teaspoon of baking-soda dissolved in one tablespoon of boiling water.

Last of all, stir in one cup of flour, sifting twice after measuring it.

Bake forty-five minutes in moderate oven.


The tendency in making this cake is to get the dough too thin, therefore

the apple sauce should be cooked quite thick, and then if the dough is

still too thin add more flour. Bake one hour in moderate oven. This cake

can be made with chicken schmalz in place of butter. Ice with plain

white frosting.





This spice cake is economical, easy to make and delicious, three

qualities which must appeal to the housewife.


Cream one cup of brown sugar and one-half cup of butter (or a little

less of any butter substitute). Add one-half teaspoon of ground cloves

and ground cinnamon, one cup of sour milk; one teaspoon of baking-soda,

two cups of flour and one cup of raisins chopped. Have ready a warm oven

and bake three-quarters of an hour.





One cup of granulated sugar, one-half cup of butter, three eggs, one cup

of milk, two and one-half scant cups of sifted flour, one teaspoon of

vanilla extract, two teaspoons of baking-powder. Cream the butter and

sugar together as usual, and then break in three eggs and beat until

very creamy. Add the flour and milk alternately, reserving a little of

the flour to add after the vanilla and baking-powder. Beat well and bake

in layer cake tins. The entire success and lightness of this cake

depends upon the beating of the sugar, butter and eggs. If these are

beaten long enough they will become as creamy and fluffy as whipped



*Icing for This Cake.*--One and one-half cups of confectioner's sugar

(not powdered), butter the size of a large egg, two tablespoons of

cocoa, one teaspoon of vanilla, moisten to make the mixture the

consistence of very thick cream. Cream or whipped cream may be used for

the mixing, but many like this icing when made with lukewarm coffee. The

sugar and butter are creamed together thoroughly and then the cocoa and

vanilla are added, and lastly the cream or coffee. This is a good

imitation of German tree cake. The icing on tree cake is an inch thick,

and it is marked to represent the bark of a tree. The way it is served

is with a little green candy on it, and it is really very delicious

although extremely rich. The thicker or rather firmer this icing is, the






One package of seeded raisins, two cups of sugar, two cups of boiling

water, one teaspoon of cinnamon, one teaspoon of cloves, two tablespoons

of Crisco, chicken schmalz or clarified drippings, one-half teaspoon of

salt. Boil all together five minutes, cool, add one teaspoon of soda

dissolved in water, three cups of flour. Bake forty-five minutes, make

two cakes in layer pans.





Rub one cup of butter and two cups of sugar to a cream, add four eggs,

whites beaten separately, one cup of milk, two teaspoons of

baking-powder and three and one-half cups of flour. Bake in layer tins.


*Filling.*--Pare and grate three large apples ("Greenings" preferred),

the juice and peel of a lemon, one cup of sugar and one well-beaten egg.

Put in ingredients together and boil, stirring constantly until thick.

Cool and fill in cake.





Rub one cup of butter and two scant cups of sugar to a cream; the yolks

of four eggs beaten in well, add gradually one cup of milk and three

cups of sifted flour, and add three teaspoons of baking-powder in last

sifting; put whites in last. Bake in layers as for jelly cake. When

cold, spread with the following filling: Moisten two tablespoons of

cornstarch with enough cold milk to work it into a paste. Scald one-half

pint of milk with one-half cup of sugar and a pinch of salt. Beat the

yolks of two eggs light; add the cornstarch to this, and as soon as the

milk is scalded pour in the mixture gradually, stirring constantly until

thick. Drop in one teaspoon of sweet butter, and when this is mixed in,

set away until cool. Spread between layers.





Rub to a cream one-half cup of butter and one and one-half cups of

pulverized sugar. Add gradually three eggs, one-half cup of milk and two

cups of flour, adding two teaspoons of baking-powder in last sifting.

Bake in layers.


*Filling.*--One grated cocoanut and all of its milk, to half of which

add the beaten whites of two eggs and one cup of powdered sugar. Lay

this between the layers. Mix with the other half of the grated cocoanut

five tablespoons of powdered sugar and strew thickly on top of cake,

which has been previously iced.





Stir one scant half cup of butter to a cream with one cup of sugar. Add

alternately one-half cup of sweet milk, yolks of two eggs which you have

previously beaten until quite light, add whites of two, and one-half cup

of sifted flour. Make a custard of one-half cup of milk, with one cup of

grated chocolate, one-half cup of granulated sugar; boil until thick,

add the yolk of one egg, then remove from the fire; stir until cool, add

this to the cake batter, add one and one-half cups of sifted flour, two

teaspoons of baking-powder and one of vanilla flavoring. Bake in layers

and ice between and on top with plain white icing flavored to taste. You

may substitute almond or colored icing.





Place one-half cup of sugar in pan over fire. Stir until liquid smokes

and burns brown. Add one-half cup of boiling water and cook into syrup.

Take one cup butter, one and one-half cups of sugar, yolks of two eggs,

over one cup of water and two cups of flour. Beat all thoroughly. Add

enough of the burnt sugar to flavor, also one teaspoon of vanilla,

another half cup of flour, two teaspoons of baking-powder and whites of

two eggs. Bake in two layers, using remainder of burnt sugar for icing.





Stir to a cream one cup of butter and two cups of powdered sugar and add

gradually the yolks of four eggs. Sift into this three cups of flour,

adding two teaspoons of baking-powder in the last sifting and add one

cup of sweet milk alternately with the flour to the creamed butter,

sugar and yolks. Spice with one teaspoon of cinnamon and add the

stiff-beaten whites of the eggs. Lastly, stir in two cups of

huckleberries which have been carefully picked over and well dredged

with flour. Be careful in stirring in the huckleberries that you do not

bruise them. You will find a wooden spoon the best for this purpose, the

edges not being so sharp. Bake in a moderately hot oven; try with a

straw, if it comes out clean, your cake is baked. This will keep fresh

for a long while.





One cup of hot water, one-half cup of butter; boil together, and while

boiling stir in one cup of sifted flour dry; take from the stove and

stir to a thin paste, and after this cools add three eggs unbeaten, and

stir vigorously for five minutes. Drop in tablespoonfuls on a buttered

tin and bake in a quick oven twenty-five minutes, opening the oven door

no oftener than is absolutely necessary, and being careful that they do

not touch each other in the pan. This amount will make twelve puffs.

Cream for puffs: one cup of milk, one cup of sugar, one egg, three

tablespoons of flour, vanilla to flavor. Stir the flour in a little of

the milk; boil the rest, turn this in and stir until the whole thickens.

When both this and the puffs are cool open the puff a little way with a

sharp knife and fill them with the cream.





To make eclairs spread the batter, prepared as in foregoing recipe, in

long ovals and when done cover with plain or chocolate frosting, as

follows: Boil one cup of brown sugar with one-half cup of molasses, one

tablespoon of butter and two tablespoons of flour. Boil for one-half

hour, then stir in one-fourth pound of grated chocolate wet in

one-fourth cup of sweet milk and boil until it hardens on the spoon.

Flavor with vanilla. Spread this upon the eclairs.





Cream yolks of six eggs with one-half pound of powdered sugar; add

three-fourths cup of flour sifted three times; then add beaten whites of

six eggs lightly and carefully into the mixture. Butter pie plates on

under side and sprinkle with flour lightly over the butter and spread

the mixture very thin. This amount makes one cake of twelve layers.

Remove layers at once with a spatula.


*Filling.*--Cream one-half pound of sweet butter and put on ice

immediately; take one-half pound of sweet chocolate and break it into a

cup of strong liquid coffee; add one-half pound of granulated sugar and

let it boil until you can pull it almost like candy; remove from fire

and stir the chocolate until it is quite cold. When cold add the

chocolate mixture to the creamed butter. This filling is spread thin

between the layers, spread the icing thicker on top and sides of the

cake. This is very fine, but care must be taken in baking and removing

the layers, as layers are as thin as wafers. Bake and make filling a day

or two before needed.





Weigh any number of eggs, take the same weight of sugar and one-half the

weight of flour; the grated rind and juice of one lemon to five eggs.

For mixing this cake, see the directions given in "To Bake Cakes"; the

mixture should be very light and spongy, great care being used not to

break down the whipped whites. The oven should be moderate at first, and

the heat increased after a time. The cake must not be moved or jarred

while baking. The time will be forty to fifty minutes according to size

of cake. Use powdered sugar for sponge-cake. Rose-water makes a good

flavoring when a change from lemon is wanted.





Separate the whites and yolks of four eggs, beat the whites stiff, and

beat into them one-half cup of granulated sugar. Beat the yolks to a

very stiff froth and beat into them one-half cup of granulated sugar.

This last mixture must be beaten for exactly five minutes. Add the juice

and grated rind of one small lemon; beat yolks and whites together well,

then stir in very gently one scant cup of flour that has been sifted

three times. Remember that every stroke of the spoon after the flour is

added toughens the cake just that much, so fold the flour in just enough

to mix well. If baked in small patty pans they taste just like lady

fingers. Bake twenty or twenty-five minutes in moderate oven.





Make a sponge cake batter, and bake in long tins, not too large. The

batter should not exceed the depth of one-fourth of an inch, spread it

evenly and bake it in a quick oven (line the tins with buttered paper).

As each cake is taken from the oven, turn it upside down on a clean

board or paper. Spread with a thin layer of currant or cranberry jelly,

and lay the other cake on top of it. With a hot, sharp knife cut into

strips like dominoes; push them with the knife about an inch apart, and

ice them with ordinary white icing, putting a tablespoonful on each

piece, the heat of the cake will soften it, and with little assistance

the edges and sides may be smoothly covered. Set the cakes in a warm

place, where the frosting will dry. Make a horn of stiff white paper

with just a small opening; at the lower end. Put in one spoon of dark

chocolate icing and close the horn at the top, and by pressing out the

icing from the small opening, draw a line of it across the centre of

each cake, and then make dots like those on dominoes. Keep the horn

supplied with the icing.





Beat the yolks of three eggs until light and creamy, add one-quarter

pound of powdered sugar (sifted) and continue beating; add flavoring to

taste, vanilla, lemon juice, grated rind of lemon or orange. To the

whites of the three eggs add one-half saltspoon of salt and beat until

very stiff. Stir in lightly one-half cup of flour and then fold in the

beaten whites very gently. Press the mixture through a pastry tube on a

baking-tin, covered with paper in portions one-half inch wide by four

inches long, or drop on oblong molds; sift a little powdered sugar on

top of each cake, and bake from ten to fifteen minutes in a moderate

oven. Do not let brown. Remove immediately from pan, brush the flat

surface of one cake with white of egg and press the underside of a

second cake upon the first.





Take three eggs creamed with one cup of granulated sugar, one cup of

flour sifted with two teaspoons of baking-powder, add one-half cup of

boiling water. Bake in broad pan--while hot, remove from pan and lay on

cloth wet with cold water. Spread with jelly and roll quickly. Sprinkle

with powdered sugar.





Sift one cup of pastry flour once, then measure and sift three times.

Add a pinch of salt to the whites of eight or nine eggs or just one cup

of whites, beat about one-half, add one-half teaspoon of cream of

tartar, then beat the whites until they will stand of their own weight;

add one and one-fourth cups of sugar, then flour, not by stirring but

folding over and over until thoroughly mixed in; flavor with one-half

teaspoon of vanilla or almond extract. Bake in an ungreased pan, patent

tube pan preferred. Place the cake in an oven that will just warm it

enough through until the batter has raised to the top of the mold, then

increase the heat gradually until the cake is well browned over; if by

pressing the top of the cake with the finger it will spring back without

leaving the imprint of the finger the cake is done through. Great care

should be taken that the oven is not too hot to begin with as the cake

will rise too fast and settle or fall in the baking. Bake thirty-five to

forty minutes. When done, invert the pan; when cool remove from pan.





Beat yolks of five eggs lightly, add one teaspoon of vanilla, or grated

rind of one lemon. In another bowl beat seven whites to a froth with a

scant one-half teaspoon of cream of tartar, then beat until whites are

very stiff. Gradually add one cup of granulated sugar, sifted three

times, to the beaten whites. Fold whites and sugar, when beaten, into

the beaten yolks. Sift one cup of flour three times, then put into

sifter and shake lightly, fold into the cake. Bake forty minutes in

ungreased cake pan. As directed for sponge cake invert pan. Remove cake

when it has cooled.





Beat one cup of powdered sugar with the yolks of four eggs; when very

light, add one cup of sifted flour in which has been mixed one teaspoon

of baking-powder, add three tablespoons of cold water, one-half teaspoon

of vanilla, one tablespoon essence of mocha, add the stiffly-beaten

whites and bake fifteen to twenty minutes in two layer pans in a

moderate oven. Spread when cold with one-half pint of cream to which has

been added one tablespoon of mocha essence, one and one-half tablespoon

of powdered sugar and then well whipped. Garnish with pounded almonds.





Make a sponge cake batter of four eggs, one cup of pulverized sugar, a

pinch of salt and one cup of flour. Beat the eggs with the sugar until

very light. Beat until the consistency of dough and add the grated peel

of a lemon, and last the sifted flour. No baking-powder necessary. Bake

in jelly tins. Cut the peaches quite fine and sugar bountifully. Put

between layers. Eat with cream.


The same recipe may be used for Strawberry Shortcake.





Take seven peeled and cored apples, six tablespoons of sugar, two

tablespoons of butter, and cook together until apples are soft. Cream

six eggs; add to them one pint of sour cream, one tablespoon of vanilla,

one-half teaspoon of cinnamon, and sugar to taste; then pour into the

cooked apples and let all boil together till thick. Remove from stove.

Take three cups of finely rolled zwieback, and in the bottom of a

well-greased pan put a layer of two cups of crumbs, then a layer of the

apple mixture, a layer of the remaining crumbs, and lastly lumps of

butter over all. Bake one hour.





Cream the yolks of six eggs with one cup of granulated sugar. Add

three-fourths cup of sifted chocolate, three-fourths cup of flour

(sifted twice), one and one-half teaspoon of vanilla. Add the beaten

whites. Bake thirty minutes. When cold; cut in half and fill with the

following: One cup of milk, yolks of two eggs, one cup of chopped

walnuts. Boil, stirring constantly to prevent curdling. Sweeten to

taste, and after removing from the fire add one tablespoon of rum.

Spread while hot.





Cream one-half pound of butter with one-half pound of sugar; drop in,

one at a time, the yolks of six eggs. Add one small wine glass of rum,

one-fourth pound of corn-starch, and one-fourth pound of flour that have

been thoroughly mixed; one teaspoon of baking-powder, the beaten whites

of six eggs. Bake one hour in a moderate oven.





Take one-half pound of almonds and blanch by pouring boiling water over

them, and pound in a mortar or grate on grater (the latter is best).

Beat yolks of eight eggs vigorously with one cup of sugar, add one-half

lemon, grated peel and juice, one tablespoon of brandy, and four

lady-fingers grated, the almonds, and fold in the stiffly-beaten whites

of eggs. Bake in moderate oven one hour.





Take one-fourth pound of sweet almonds and one-eighth pound of bitter

ones mixed. Blanch them the day previous to using and then grate or

pound them as fine as powder. Beat until light the yolks of nine eggs

with eight tablespoons of granulated sugar. Add the grated peel of one

lemon and one-half teaspoon of mace or vanilla. Beat long and steadily.

Add the grated almonds and continue the stirring in one direction. Add

the juice of the lemon to the stiff-beaten whites. Grate four stale lady

fingers, add and bake slowly for one hour at least.





Take six eggs, seven tablespoons of granulated sugar, seven tablespoons

of bread crumbs, one-eighth pound of chopped almonds, one-half teaspoon

of allspice, one tablespoon of jelly, grated rind and juice of one

lemon, one teaspoon of cinnamon, one-half teaspoon of cloves, one-half

wine glass of brandy. Beat yolks of eggs well and add sugar and beat

until it blisters, add bread crumbs, almonds, jelly, spice, lemon, and

brandy. Then add beaten whites, and bake slowly about forty minutes.





Beat the yolks of four eggs very light with one cup of sugar; add one

cup of sifted dry rye bread crumbs to which one teaspoon of

baking-powder and a pinch of salt have been added. Moisten one-half cup

of ground almonds with two tablespoons of sherry, add and lastly fold in

the beaten whites of eggs. Bake in ungreased form in moderate oven.





Beat the yolks of six eggs with one and one-eighth cups of sugar, add

one-half box of zwieback, which has been rolled very fine, add one

teaspoon of baking-powder, season with one tablespoon of rum or sherry

wine and one-half teaspoon of bitter almond extract. Lastly fold in the

stiffly-beaten whites of the six eggs and bake in ungreased form in

moderate oven three-quarters of an hour.





Separate the yolks and whites of ten eggs. Beat the yolks with two cups

of pulverized sugar. When thick add one and three-fourth cups of sifted

dry rye bread crumbs, one-half pound of sweet almonds, also some bitter

ones, grated or powdered as fine as possible, one-fourth pound of

citron shredded fine, one cake of chocolate grated, the grated peel of

one lemon, the juice of one orange and one lemon, one tablespoon of

cinnamon, one teaspoon of allspice, one-half teaspoon of cloves, and a

wine glass of brandy. Bake very slowly in ungreased form. Frost with a

chocolate icing, made as follows: Melt a small piece of chocolate. Beat

the white of an egg stiff with scant cup of sugar, and stir into the

melted chocolate and spread with a knife.





Beat up four eggs with one cup of sifted powdered sugar. Beat until it

looks like a heavy batter. When you think you cannot possibly beat any

longer stir one cup of sifted flour with one-half teaspoon of

baking-powder. Stir it into batter gradually and lightly, adding three

tablespoons of water. Bake in jelly tins. Filling: Scald one-fourth

pound of almonds (by pouring boiling water over them), remove skins, put

them on a pie plate and set them in the oven to brown slightly.

Meanwhile, melt three tablespoons of white sugar, without adding water,

stirring it all the while. Stir up the almonds in this, then remove them

from the fire and lay on a platter separately to cool. Make an icing of

the whites of three eggs beaten very stiff, with one pound of pulverized

sugar, and flavor with rose-water. Spread this upon layers and cover

each layer with almonds. When finished frost the whole cake, decorating

with almonds.





Take nine eggs, one-half pound of pulverized sugar, one-half pound of

almonds, half cut and grated; one-half pound of finest vanilla chocolate

grated, one-half pound of raisins, cut and seeded; seven soda crackers,

rolled to a powder; one teaspoon of baking-powder, juice of three lemons

and one-fourth glass of wine. Beat whites of eggs to a stiff froth and

stir in last. Beat yolks with sugar until very light; then add

chocolate, and proceed as with other torten.





Beat one-half pound of pulverized sugar with the yolks of six large

eggs. Beat long and steadily until a thick batter. Add one-half pound of

dates, cut very fine, one teaspoon each of allspice and ground cinnamon,

one-fourth pound of chocolate grated, juice and peel of one lemon, three

and one-half soda crackers, rolled to a fine powder, one teaspoon of

baking-powder, and last the stiff-beaten whites. Bake slowly. Cake can

be cut in half and put together with jelly.





Beat together for twenty minutes until very light the yolks of eight

eggs with one-half pound of granulated sugar, then add the very

stiffly-beaten whites of eggs, place the bowl in which it has been

stirred over a boiler in which water is boiling on the stove, stir

continually but slowly until all the batter is well warmed but not too

hot, add a small pinch of salt, and one-half pound of grated hazelnuts,

add the nuts gradually, mix well and pour into a greased spring form.

Bake very slowly. The grated rind of one-half lemon can be added if

desired. Ice with boiled icing.





Cream one pound of butter with one pound of sugar until foamy, then add

one by one four whole eggs. Mix well, then stir in three-fourths pound

of pounded almonds or walnuts, one teaspoon of cinnamon, one-fourth

teaspoon of cloves, one pound of flour, one teaspoon of baking-powder,

and a few drops of bitter almond essence. Put in four layer pans and

bake in slow oven. Put together with apricot, strawberry, or raspberry

jam and pineapple marmalade, each layer having a different preserve. Ice

top and sides. If only two layers are desired for home use, half the

quantity of ingredients can be used. This is a very fine cake. It is

better the second day.





Bake three layers of almond tart and flavor it with a wine glass of

arrack. When baked, scrape part of the cake out of the thickest layer,

not disturbing the rim, and reserve these crumbs to add to the following

filling: Boil one-half pound of sugar in one-fourth cup of water until

it spins a thread. Add to this syrup a wine glass of rum, and the

crumbs, and spread over the layers, piling one on top of the other.

Another way to fill this cake is to take some crab-apple jelly or apple

marmalade and thin it with a little brandy.





Grate eight ounces of walnuts and eight ounces of blanched almonds. Beat

light the yolks of twelve eggs and three-fourths pound of sugar. Add

the grated nuts and one-fourth pound of sifted flour, fold in the whites

beaten to a stiff froth. Bake in layers and fill with sweetened whipped






Separate the yolks and whites of six eggs, being very careful not to get

a particle of the yolks into the whites. Sift one-half pound of

granulated sugar into the yolks and beat until thick as batter. Add a

pinch of salt to the whites and beat very stiff. Have ready one-fourth

pound of grated walnuts, reserve whole pieces for decorating the top of

cake. Add the pounded nuts to the beaten yolks, and two tablespoons of

grated lady fingers or stale sponge cake. Last add the stiffly-beaten

whites of the eggs. Bake in layers and fill with almond or plain icing.





Boil one pound of chestnuts in the shells, peel them while warm, put

nuts through potato ricer or colander. Beat well the yolks of six eggs

with six tablespoons of sugar, add all the chestnut puree but two or

three tablespoons reserved for top of torte, then add three teaspoons of

baking-powder and the well-beaten whites of the six eggs; bake in

moderate oven fifteen to twenty minutes. Whip one-half pint of cream,

add to this the chestnut puree which was reserved, and a little sugar;

garnish torte with this mixture. Enough for twelve persons.





Mix two cups of brown sugar, two cups of honey, six egg yolks and beat

them thoroughly. Sift together three cups of flour, one-quarter teaspoon

of salt, three teaspoons of ground cinnamon, one-half teaspoon each of

ground cloves, ground nutmeg and allspice, and one and one-half

teaspoons of soda; add one cup of chopped raisins, one-half ounce of

citron cut in small pieces, one-half ounce of candied orange peel cut in

small pieces, one-half pound of almonds coarsely chopped. Beat the

whites of three eggs very stiff and add them last. Pour the dough to the

depth of about half an inch into well-buttered tins and bake in a slow

oven for one-half hour.

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