Documents for Jewish Genealogy in Argentina

Example of some documents we should search for obtaining information about our family in our research.  We have to search for at the Civil Registry offices, cemeteries, immigration offices, electoral authorities, etc…

Birth Record

We obtain data such as the date, hour and place of birth, the names of the parents and grandparents, nationality and parents address.


Marriage Record


We obtain data such as the marriage date, names of the spouses, spouse’s parents and witnesses -usually spouses relatives- and the address of the spouses.

Death Record

We obtain data such as the date and cause of desease, names of the parents, spouse and witnesses, nationally and last address.

Publication in old telephone directories (sample: year 1947)

We obtain the address and telephone number of the person at a certain time, and might guess his or her social position. We can even find the person’s profession.

Obituary publications in non-Jewish newspaper

We might obtain data of the person’s family and infer his or her social position.

Immigration Registry

We obtain data such as the date of arrival, place and year of birth, occupation, marital status and family group that arrived together.


We might obtain the person’s hebrew name, father (ashkenazim) or mother’s (sephardim) hebrew name and death date.